Performance Report

Right after the completion of every test, the detailed report analysis with graphical representation in eTutor allows you to view the individual student performance and measure the score, along with speed and accuracy. By which you will gain an in-depth understanding of your student performance in your assessment journey. Even the performance details of the entire class can be seen with ease.


Strengths, Weakness & Recommendations

Insightful Analytics in eTutor gives you an in-depth view of students’ high & low performing areas individually. It helps you categorize in which topics they are enough strengthened and where they are weak, lagging. The detailed recommendations help you assess the student to outperform in the upcoming tests or real exam by turning the weaknesses to strengths.

Rank Wise Overview

Analytics of students here in eTutor displays the rank-wise details from top to least merit order. Through this, you can effortlessly analyze which student is performing well and who is falling behind, so your teachers can concentrate more on them to improve the score and the rank vice versa. Reward the Topper and assess the least performers with utmost interest in terms of assessment.


Comparative Analysis

Once after the test completion, you can select the particular chapter and check the students count based on score, accuracy, and speed percentage. All you’ve to do is just mouse over or pinpoint on the percentage distribution to see the student count. It helps you gauge your students’ performance after tests. Besides, even the total number of questions covered by overall students in a particular subject can be viewed and analyzed.

Test Statistics

You have one single click access to know the pulse of your students’ performance in eTutor. Have a glance at the top marks in the overall course and its subjects. Check out the top, average and least scores of the test completed. Drilldown to the score distribution subject-wise and know how your students are performing, so you can invest more in directing the concerned subject teachers to assess the students accordingly.


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